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Wasatch Railroad Contractors

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Topic: Wasatch Railroad Contractors
Posted By: PhilC
Subject: Wasatch Railroad Contractors
Date Posted: Aug 26 2009 at 5:37pm
The boiler for the RMI Prairie 2-6-2 locomotive that I am presently building was built by Wasatch Railroad Contractors in Cheyenne, WY. - The pictures below are from the Wasatch web site and were taken during contruction of my boiler.
There is quite a bit of work in building a boiler, even  miniature ones, such as the types used in our hobby. They must be built to safely handle the heat, pressure and vibration that occur naturally in the running of a steam locomotive and take into account that some times things are not 100% perfect while still operating in a safe manner.
Here are some photos of my boiler being built at the Wasatch facility.
WRC welder Blake Gadbury finishes the assembly of a firebox.
WRC welder Blake Gadbury puts the finishing touches on this firebox assembly.
This is a completed firebox for one of the miniature boilers.
A view from the mudring side of this newly constructed firebox.
The fire door side of the firebox. 
RMI boiler after most of the basic assembly work is completed. Note that firebox opening is not yet cut.
This is a completed RMI boiler. Backhead view with firebox opening and washout holes.
This is a completed RMI boiler. Backhead view with firebox opening and washout holes.
Another view of a completed RMI boiler.
Front view of the completed and painted boiler. 
A close up of the required boiler data and associated ASME S-Stamp making sure that it was fully inspected and passed all of it's tests.
Tim and I lifted this boiler out of his truck and it was extremely heavy. As my forklift was not available we could not lift it completely and had to pivot it to the ground. I would estimate that it weighs in at over 350 lbs.
After seeing all of the work that goes into even a small boiler, I think it is a project best left to the pros.
The boiler has a diameter of 10 3/4" and it is approximately 49 inches long. There are 34 flues or boiler pipes. The throttle valve is located internally in the dry stand pipe. This boiler will be heated using an atomized oil burner.
And that is all there is to it. Big smile 
Nice job Wasatch, can't wait to get it into operation.

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Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Oct 23 2009 at 6:49am
well see if it blows phil when you steam it the first time huh! haha

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