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1" Little Engines Camelback 0-4-0 Steam Locomotive

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Printed Date: May 24 2020 at 4:09pm

Topic: 1" Little Engines Camelback 0-4-0 Steam Locomotive
Posted By: tom d
Subject: 1" Little Engines Camelback 0-4-0 Steam Locomotive
Date Posted: Jan 27 2010 at 11:16am
I'm posting this as Chuckie is lagging on posting, and we are overseeing him on this project.
Tom D.
To start, on Saturday 1-24-2010 Charlie said he was looking for a project to do as on this day there was a few of us working on little projects out at the club. After kicking around a few thoughts on projects, he said; "why don't  (I) get the little 1" out of the club house and look at fixing her up to run."
Charilie on Little Engines 0-4-0 Camelback Steam LocomotiveNow that project seamed to be a good fit, so Rory and I told him to go take a look at it and off he went. After a bit of time Charlie was back with the tender from the loco and was telling us it was a go on this project and < we> need to get started. So after some talk about how < we > got put into this project and how <he> would see this project gets done right, off Rory and Charlie went to get one of Rory's flat cars out to move the locomotive. Charlie and Rory loaded the camel back on to the flat car and moved it to the steaming bays. We where already there working on the bench project so we could get him started without pulling off the on going bench thing.
First thing we had Charlie do was to closely look at the loco and see what was missing. Rory helped him with this. Charlie had talked to a few older members that had run it in the past and they had given him some info and mentioned things that needed to be fixed or replaced before it could run again.
First off on his list was to get it unstuck as it has been sitting a long time so the pistons were stuck and the rods / wheels would not move. Rory got some WD40 and I showed Charlie how to pull the sniffer valves out so he could lube up the cylinders. After a little tapping on the back of the rod she freed up and was rolling on the steaming bays.
Next we worked at removing the cab, showing Charlie how to go about this slowly and not mess things up as we have no info on how this loco was built. The whistle valve was stuck open so Rory and I pulled it apart and lubed it up. It freed up but looks like it may need some work. We just have to see how it is under steam.
Rory and Charlie went  all around the loco, tracing out the plumbing to see where all of the lines went. I went looking for some fittings so we could get it running on air. After a bit of head scratching we had the loco up on blocks and running on air. We then went hunting for air leaks in the valves and plumbing. After some lubing and tapping on stuck valves, the loco seemed to run good and the timing also sounded good.
Tim stopped by and gave us some more info on things to look at that may need to be fixed. Charlie, Rory, and now Phil got the whistle adjusted reinstalled and sounding good. At about this time, Steve came over and started working on the boiler check valve and some other small items on the loco.
Next we got Charlie to run around the club and find some old rail to mount on top of the flat car and after showing him the art of using a hacksaw we had the loco back on the flat car so it can be pulled out and worked on when we have time.
Charlie has made a list of items needing to be fixed, cleaned and or, replaced for the loco. Next after cleaning the pop off valve and injector we will give it a boiler pressure test, as the tag says the last one was in 1998. If it fails we will stop working on it but I'm thinking it will pass just fine as it looks to be a well built boiler. I went over a box of plumbing and fittings I have for the LULU II project and have found a set of auto cylinder cocks and a rotary blow down valve that we can use to replace the missing ones. Hopefully they well fit and we have to two big ticket items out of the way.
Maybe this weekend we  can get some more time to help Charlie get this loco running.
Tom D 

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Jan 27 2010 at 3:43pm
yea! will be seeing you donw this weekend and will pull it out again and do a good final look over and boiler test. Probably take off the injector and clean that as who nows whats acimulated in there after x some years. Also <I> (we)  need to look at the axel pum. Think i'll need some help on this as the axel pump is one thing im not that greatly educated in. I here it has some problems but watever. It will get fixed. Also, LA has meet in May I think we can shoot for and that would be fun to go to. I'd like to talk to some guys about mayb even just putting down a small section to run on but idk how that will go over and would be costly!

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Jan 29 2010 at 9:53am
whos comming down this weekend?

Posted By: Steve C
Date Posted: Jan 29 2010 at 12:03pm
I will be there Saturday. You will need to fix the boiler check valve before you can hydro the boiler.

Posted By: PhilC
Date Posted: Jan 29 2010 at 6:06pm
I will bring the acid down to soak the injectors  and check valves on both this and Mark's loco.

I used to be a rocket scientist, now I am just a space cadet.
You only need three tools in life - WD-40, Duct Tape, and a Hammer. If it doesn't move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn't move and does, use the duct tape. If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem.

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Jan 29 2010 at 6:32pm
ok probably be down around 11.

Posted By: tom d
Date Posted: Jan 30 2010 at 7:42am
I'll be there and have Wyatt in tow with me, I will bring the valves and some fittings, tap/dies. We will see how far we get. I will bring my welder for marks' track shelf thing. I also need to make a road trip down to the old so cal club site at the Lomita site, as I got asked to get some sizes and photos of the tool box on the caboose for a man building one in 1.5, that lives up north. I haven't been there in som time so I thought it would be fun.
Tom D

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Jan 31 2010 at 9:20am

How everything go yesterday? Wasn't able to make it down as my dad needed me for something with an AC job hes doen for a freind. Did anyone get around to boiler testing it though?


Posted By: tom d
Date Posted: Jan 31 2010 at 7:42pm
I did the boiler test and it looks good, but we could not get the check valve for the axle pump to seat. After playing with it for some time we removed it. Tim has a new one but it's a little different so Tim's going to make some fittings so it will work. I'm thinking that had a lot to do with the axle pump not working as it might have been blowing back pressure from the boiler. We did get it up to 165 psi and the fire box and front sheet didn't have any leaks, so I'd say its good to go. We just need to get the plumbing cleaned up and check valves working and retest it to get a pass tag. I got the pop off valve cleaned and tested and it's set at 110 -115 psi which might be a little high, as I don't think the little injector will work at that much pressure, but we'll see. I have taken the injector home and some of the plumbing to clean and fix it. Looks like we need a new pressure gauge as the one on the loco is off on a curve. It's not bad on low psi, but its way off on high psi. I need to get one for Lulu so I will just get two. Steve helped with the boiler test, but it was starting to drive him nuts as it seemed like any thing on the plumbing we touched broke or came apart. But that's just the way it goes on old plumbing. The cylinder cocks I had did not fit and I don't think they will work so I m thinking of making some new ones. It looks like one of the grates is missing in the fire box and it looks like we need to make an ash pan. Hmmm...looks like the work list is getting bigger not smaller. Steve got the shag 4-4-0 out and I helped him give It a boiler  test. We found that  the top of the steam dome needs to be resealed and the whistle valve needs to be cleaned as we could only get it up to 120 psi before the leaks on the top of the boiler made it look like a lawn sprinker, but same as the little loco the fire box and front sheet were dry which is a good sign. Looks like we will try to get that one up and running as it might be some fun to run.  It would be a bummer to put a bunch of time into it only to have Shags son sell it - what do we get out of it ?

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Jan 31 2010 at 7:47pm
Ya, well good to hear it passed boiler test! I'm really looking forward to getting it running again. Hopefully the other valves and plumbing don't mess with us and we don't run into timing problems or parts of the infrastructure! Just a lot of little annoying things broken! Shags engine would be more favored by me to get fixed though as we can actually run it at the club. Would be nice to get some 1 inch set up and maybe find some other people that might wanna come down and do that but then we got a million other problems...just like any other hobby though.

Posted By: Steve C
Date Posted: Feb 01 2010 at 10:44am
Was fun working on 1157, just hate all the threaded soft copper lines. We will have to talk with Tim and have him contact Shags son to determine what will happen with that engine, it would be fun to get running but it is going to need some work.

Posted By: Steve C
Date Posted: Feb 01 2010 at 10:57am
Just saw the post on chatski, I have some stainless sheet we can use for the ash pan.

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Feb 01 2010 at 3:43pm
Ok. It will be nice to get it running. I also want to put it out here that I've talked to Brian from Joshua Tree and I'm hoping us and the gang can get up there within a month or so with the American. He has an allen mogul and I told him we have some traction problems with ours, so maybe he could give some pointers on something that might improve her pulling capacity! It sounds fun though but fairly big trip out there. I was hoping' to do a quick weekend dash, head up a Saturday and come back Sunday evening. Anyone interested?

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Feb 01 2010 at 4:05pm
Heres some drawings for ashpan. Might help..

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Feb 01 2010 at 4:08pm

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Feb 01 2010 at 4:09pm

Posted By: Steve C
Date Posted: Feb 01 2010 at 4:20pm
What engine are thoose prints for? That looks like it is for a larger loco?

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Feb 01 2010 at 4:41pm
Well the guy who e-mailed them said they are for a camel back? Haha I'm not quite sure though, but he said they should be the right design just maybe down scale them?

Posted By: tom d
Date Posted: May 17 2010 at 11:52pm
5-15-10 Tom D has the loco in his shop. Took what seemed like every valve on the loco apart, got them unstuck, cleaned them and put new chrome ball in them. Made the steam valve going to the injector a push/ pull type by grinding off the threads on the stem. We will see how this works.
Cleaned up a lot of the brass on the loco. It passed a pressure test at 185 lbs for 5 min, so we should be good to go on a test firing after I build a ash pan and make a drafting pipe to start it.  Had to put a new pressure gauge on it as the old one was way off on the lbs. reading.
Next I need to sweat some of the old piping back together and get the tender cleaned up and all working. This loco is small and hard to sit on so I'm looking at adding another set of foot pegs in front of the cab.


Posted By: tom d
Date Posted: May 21 2010 at 7:33am
I installed a new gage I got from A&K and as always happens, I had to change the fittings going to it. I spent some time trying to get the tube ends back together on the piping for the injector with no luck, it's just old stuff that keeps falling apart. I just got some tube and started playing around seeing what I could make to fix it. I ended up using my brake line tool to put a T shaped end on the tube, we'll see how this seals. It looks OK to me and if it works it will be a much easier way to make the tube ends. I will have to remake one of the tubes, as the only piece of 3/16 tube I had was used and beat up, but it works for now. I took the whistle valve apart and cleaned it up, as it was sticking. Then I took the Johnson bar apart cleaned it and put a new spring in it, and played with the adjustment to get it to work. I cleaned the sniffer valves in the sonic cleaning tank, polished them up and put them back on. I sanded and repainted the cab and fire door cover. I taped over the numbers so I did not lose them, they looked great when I was done so I painted the rest of the loco. The tender will have to wait as I'm running short on time. I buffed up most of the brass, chrome and sanded the drivers so its looking like a new loco. I made a new ash pan, there was no ash pan and the bottom the the fire box just tapered down and was open, old school on this one. At LALS you have to have a ash pan to run and I would think most clubs are like that so I built one. Rory came by and we came up with a plan, I cut about a 1/2 " off the bottom of the old tapered bottom and made a sheet metal pan that had a lip that sits on a brass bar behind the rear driver and has a pin that goes through a hole the lower back of the tapered bottom. I left allot of room for air to go in so we will see how it dose. Next I will make some plugs for the cylinder drain holes, get the tender water tubes hooked up,  look for any lose ends and test fire it up.
Tom D. 

Posted By: tom d
Date Posted: May 22 2010 at 8:31am
Well Wyatt and I fire it up and after a bit of playing around we had it steaming good. Still a few things that need to be tinkered with but she looks to be a good steamer. The injector, axle pump and hand pump all worked great. Have a few fittings to get to seal and adjust the whistle. Next I am going to take it out to SCLS for the boys to play with on the steaming bay and then maybe a run out to LALSM to give her a shake down run if I have time.

Posted By: tom d
Date Posted: Aug 09 2010 at 8:44pm
Well we had the loco out to the club and Oskar and Charlie had a hard time getting it to run but they were trying to start it with some coal that has been siting out by the steaming bays for a long time  and was not marked what type of coal it was.

I switched to some Welsh coal I had from home and it ran good, but I think the other coal got the best of the boys and they got a little frustrated, however we got it running at the end. Every body there that day  got a big kick out of seeing the tiny little injector work on the loco.

A few weeks later Jeff H. told me that he thought the coal we used was old power plant coal that was from a full size car that had flipped on its side many years ago. He said a few people in the past have tried to get that coal to fire without much luck.

There was also a ripped up bag in one of the cans that sad "blacksmithing coal" on it which I have been told is hard to run in the little fireboxes. Well live and learn, but I think we will need to get some good coal before we try to run it up at LALSM.

Tom D.

Posted By: RioGrande464
Date Posted: Nov 12 2010 at 1:03pm
we should plan a trip out to LA soon. Would be nice to finally see the loco run or take it to harlans and run it on the strip of track down the side of his house

Posted By: sally
Date Posted: May 04 2011 at 6:54pm
We will see how far we get. I will bring my welder for marks' track shelf thing. I also need to make a road trip down to the old so cal club site at the Lomita site, as I got asked to get some sizes and photos of the tool box on the caboose for a man building one in 1.5, that lives up north


Posted By: tom d
Date Posted: Jun 15 2011 at 9:36am
Tom D took the camelback to the LALSM Spring Meet. It ran well but we could not get the axel pump  injector to work but we had the hand pump which worked well enough, but was just a lot of pumping to do when running.

Tom D will clean the injector and pull the axel pump apart and see if he can get them to work. The odd thing is all these items worked fine when the loco was test fired on the bench a few days before the meet?

While at the meet a few other members got a chance to run the loco before it got too windy and we had to stop running it as we didn't wont to start any fires it the LALS park.

Were looking at bring it back to LALS for the big Small Scale Meet at the end of June .


Posted By: tom d
Date Posted: Jun 27 2011 at 9:19pm
On Saturday Tom D took the camelback up to the West Coast Small Scale Meet. A few days before the meet Tom took the piston out of the axle pump and put in a new O-ring on it. The O-ring I had on hand was just a little big but it worked well. It seems to work best when there is higher boiler pressure? Getting the piston out was a lot of work as I had to get the set screw out of the axle eccentric and slide it to the side, but I felt lucky, as I was thinking at one point, I was going to have to pull the front set of drivers down to get it out and that would have meant pulling a lot of items off.

I also took to injector off and pulled it apart and cleaned it. I also put some new flares on the ends of the tubes going from the injector to the boiler check valve. The injector worked but it was slow to add water and on one of the runs the nub fell off onto the road bed. Oh well, I well make a new nub. We didn't need the injector to run the loco as the axle pump was working very good.

The only bad thing is that Charlie was using a set of pliers to pull the rod in and out a few times when he was running the loco hopefully it didn't mess up the end of the valve but that move did end his time running the loco the loco for the day. Oh well he is a smart kid and he will learn.

The loco seemed to run good but it is slow to heat up. It took a lot of finesse to run this loco and not lose your fire or your pressure it was not an easy thing to run but was a lot of fun as you had to be on top of what the loco was doing all the time. You also had to think ahead and not push it too hard.

Other SCLS members showed up to the meet and tried their hand at running this little loco. Most ended with the loco dead it the water at some point but that's part of the fun! It was a fun day and it seemed a lot of people at the meet enjoyed seeing this historic little loco out and running around. One nice thing was there were people at the meet that had a lot of info on the history of this little loco.

Well now I will blow out the tubes and smoke box, get the tender and water lines dryed out, wipe it down, oil up the cylinders, and put it back up on the shelf in the club house until next year.

Tom D


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