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Little Engines 0-4-4 saddle overhaul

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Topic: Little Engines 0-4-4 saddle overhaul
Posted By: Steve C
Subject: Little Engines 0-4-4 saddle overhaul
Date Posted: May 30 2012 at 9:06pm
One of the many steam engines owned by the Southern California Live Steamers is a Little Engines 0-4-0 saddle tank engine. Many years ago this engine was dropped off the transfer table causing the boiler to fail. Even though a new boiler was ordered and delivered to SCLS the engine was never put back into service. As time went by bits and pieces of the engine were used to repair other club equipment and the engine and boiler sat collecting dust in the rear of the club container. One day while Steve Claude was talking to Tom Downing about having a second operational club steam engine Steve suggested seeing what it would take to get the engine up and running again.
Steve Claude then took the engine and boiler to his shop in Downey to see what repairs would be necessary. The engine was placed on a stand and hooked to compressed air after some small adjustment to the timing the engine was running smoothly on air. Next the boiler was hydrotested to ensure that it had not recieved any damage while it was in storage. The boiler passed its hydro test with no problems.
Now it was time to get to work all the loose parts that were laying around were collected and brought to Steve's shop to be sorted out. There are a few missing components and aside from the plumbing the engine is 75% complete. Work will start with the construction of a new ash pan and propane burner assembly. After that a new axle pump will be installed before the boiler is placed back on the engine and all new plumbing will be installed.
Steve C.

Posted By: Steve C
Date Posted: Jun 09 2012 at 10:08pm
After stopping by the club and running some errands this morning I had a chance to begin work on the burner assembly. Tom Downing ordered 9 burners from A & K a few weeks back and donated 3 more of his own to the project. The burner manifold is made from steel I had laying around in the shop. The manifold is 1x1 tubing and the baffle is 1/8" plate.
I started out by cuting the tubing for the manifold and baffle plate.
Next I welded up the manifold and smoothed out the top of the manifold where the burners will mount.
Once all the grinding was done I drilled and tapped all the holes for the burners and welded on studs to mount the baffle plate. With the baffle plate mounted the burner assembly is completed.
With the assembly complete I checked it for fit one last time in the boiler. Next I will make up the mounting for the burner and ash pan.
Steve Claude

Posted By: administrator
Date Posted: Jun 15 2012 at 5:17pm
Looking really nice Steve. Good job so far.

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