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Terrorist Tom © 2009 - 2024 Phillip Cohen



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Picture Information:
Picture Title: Terrorist Tom
Location: SCLS Torrance, CA
Photographer: Phillip Cohen
Submission Date: 7/7/2009 11:23:02 AM
Comments: Tom attempting to hold up the American with his laser targeting nuclear powered gate opener.
Gallery Category: People
Technical Information:    
Shooting Location: SCLS Torrance, CA
Locomotive Name or Road:
Locomotive or Car Type: Steam Locomotives
Whyte Classification Numeric:      Name:      Layout:     Class: 
Track Gauge: 7.5
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Photo Comments:
Critiqued 3/21/2010 12:04:31 PM by Charlie Giordano  , Torrance,CA
powwer gate opener???? what that for!

  Comment Response Entered: 3/22/2010 10:50:50 PM  By: Phil    - 
opening the power gate :)
  Comment Response Entered: 3/23/2010 11:58:42 AM  By: tom   d - lakewood
and closing the power gate ?
  Comment Response Entered: 3/23/2010 5:48:41 PM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
wheres the power gate?
  Comment Response Entered: 3/24/2010 3:35:57 PM  By: tom   d - lakewood
it will be at the club
  Comment Response Entered: 3/27/2010 7:13:29 PM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
for wat? the entraCE GATE?
  Comment Response Entered: 3/28/2010 6:28:27 AM  By: tom   d - lakewood
no not the drive way
  Comment Response Entered: 3/28/2010 4:17:26 PM  By: howie    - elsegundo
now its back to you charlie.
  Comment Response Entered: 3/28/2010 7:21:13 PM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
where than???
  Comment Response Entered: 3/28/2010 8:50:22 PM  By: tom   d - lakewood
in a place over the track, so we dont have to take a lock off to use
  Comment Response Entered: 3/29/2010 7:07:15 AM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
o the gates on tunnel! i see. that would be cool. we need some of those little things u hit at LA to so the train behind u knows were u r n stuff
  Comment Response Entered: 3/29/2010 8:29:22 AM  By: tom   d - lakewood
Hum,Which end of the tunnel are you thinking of charlie
  Comment Response Entered: 3/29/2010 3:40:14 PM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
well im thinkin u only need to open the first gate and then we can gain enough speed to punch through the other one. then we will be green
  Comment Response Entered: 3/29/2010 6:00:16 PM  By: tom   d - lakewood
no its not going on the tunnel,at this time we only have one power opener that will be going on a door or a gate, but where charlie
  Comment Response Entered: 3/30/2010 8:18:01 AM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
i dont know? i think it would be cool to have it on the front gate
  Comment Response Entered: 3/30/2010 2:08:59 PM  By: tom   d - lakewood
wrong end of the club
  Comment Response Entered: 3/30/2010 6:32:12 PM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
i tlking about car gate?
  Comment Response Entered: 3/30/2010 8:30:52 PM  By: tom   d - lakewood
OK Charlie lets go over the clues:one power gate opener for the club from Rudy and to be installed by tom and others hopefully:its not going on the driveway,tunnels,main station,club house,or one of the containers HUM? the gate its going on is over the tracks and you have to get off and unlock it to continue HUM? OK here's some new info for you
  Comment Response Entered: 3/30/2010 9:09:56 PM  By: howie    - elsegundo
think charlie, think!, take all the time you need.
  Comment Response Entered: 3/31/2010 6:40:04 AM  By: tom   d - lakewood
we know its hard as its almost all up hill from here
  Comment Response Entered: 4/1/2010 6:29:08 PM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
  Comment Response Entered: 4/2/2010 7:23:56 AM  By: tom   d - Lakewood
YOU GOT IT and how appropriate you did it on April fools day ! This project has bin put on the back head for a bit as other project need to be done first and the cat thing.I think a lot more off time runners would go down Crenshaw if the gate just opens up as you pulled up to it and then closed after you passed on run days it would just stay open all the time and it cost the club O $ as we have most of the stuff needed on hand
  Comment Response Entered: 4/2/2010 9:29:05 PM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
i see! well would be cool and make the club look fancy haha. but being "fancy" isnt economical fo are club. willl u b down tomorrow? Phils going down and i have some cousins that might show up for a ride on the american if its in working order. do we need propane?
  Comment Response Entered: 4/3/2010 7:06:39 AM  By: tom   d - lakewood
the plan is to work on the track on the truns replacing bad rail. so maybe hard to run a round but you can go back and forth on crensaw
  Comment Response Entered: 4/4/2010 9:23:12 AM  By: Steve   C - RPV
Crenshaw closed, rail replaced.
  Comment Response Entered: 4/4/2010 4:12:14 PM  By: Steve   C - RPV
Happy easter.
  Comment Response Entered: 4/4/2010 4:12:48 PM  By: Steve   C - RPV
Good run day, Tom set record.
  Comment Response Entered: 4/5/2010 12:42:28 PM  By: Charlie Giordano    - Torrance,CA
ur lucky u werent with him. im gonna go see doctor for mental trama after that one!
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