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Switching the train around
By Charlie Giordano
Drag Race!
By Charlie Giordano
Tim On Crenshaw
By Harold Hueler

Welcome to the
Southern California Live
Steamers Miniature Railroad


Southern California Live Steamers Miniature Railroad
Random Railroad Quotes, Quips, Trivia, Laws:
Q. If an electric train is going east at 60 mph, and the wind is going east at 60 mph, which way would the smoke blow?
A. Electric trains don't have smoke!!!
  Anon  -    

"Ride the Wilson Park Trains"

Covered Coil Car
By Harold Hueler
4/9/2011 Work Day
By Robert Lee
Short Wait
By Harold Hueler

Next Public Ride Day :

The SCLS Halloween Train Ride is coming Soon 

We have two special events coming up at SCLS.

October 25-26 is The Halloween train ride from 6 pm to 9 pm tickets are $ 7.00 at the depot on each night.

The first train will start running at around 5:30pm so if you have little ones that are a little scared of the dark come early. Each year the SCLS crew learns a little more and we work at making this event a little bigger and better. In the past, the line has gotten long as well as the waiting time. We have more and longer trains this year so that should help. It seems every one comes out for a train ride all at the same time so it may get a little backed up. Please be aware your group will be seated on the train as you are lined up so if you have a large group you may end up on two different trains. The displays are all family friendly and it will be a fun ride. If you are in line by 9:00 pm you will be able to buy a ticket and get a ride. The end of the line will close off at 9:00 pm. 

On December 21, 2019 we will be having The Holidays lights Train ride from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Tickets are $7.00 at the depot on the night of the event only. In order to ride on the trains all riders must be able to sit on the car seat unassisted. Come out and see all the beautiful lights and displays from the seat of one of the trains. 

If like setting up Halloween displays or If you think you have a grate Halloween display and you would like hundreds of people to see your craftsmanship. Come join us for a few days of Halloween fun 

If you would like join in on the fun of building and setting up the Halloween they displays or would like to set up your own Halloween display email us or just show up we have lots of space to fill up. We have power available for displays but not in all locations. We will start setting up on Tuesday 10-22-19 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, we will be getting a plan in place and start organizing the displays.

Thursday 10-24-19 starting at 9:30 am we will start setting up of the displays  and finish building some of the larger displays. we will be till it gets dark so we can test the displays at night. 

Friday  10-25-19 It’s go time, we will be trying to finish setup and testing the displays, After 2:00 start setting up and safety testing the rail road equipment. Dinner starts at 4:00 pm it’s probably going to be Pizzia or KFC. First train inspected and park in station by 5:30 with second train behind it. Other trains parked or staged on sidings ready to go. 

Saturday 10-26-19 we do maintenance as needed on any items to do with the event. Set up and test equipment starting at 3:00 first train at the station by 5:30 

Our schedule is still the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month.

For official club business, please contact via email at:

Free train rides:

The 1st Sunday of each month, from
11:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M.


The 3rd Saturday of each month, from
12:00 P.M to 3:00 P.M. 

Birthday and Group trains are available on these two run days. Just check in at the sovereign depot 1 hour before you would like the group ride make a donation and there’s no waiting in line for you group. 

For your convenience we set up a donation box as you enter the queue line. We would gratly appreciate a 1.00 per rider Donation  

*Donations help keep us running and are our sole source of funding as a 501c3 non-profit corporation.  Please donate at our station on our run days. Thank you for your support.

Riders may have noticed we have been working on the flower gardens, If you like this you can help us by donating  plants and Drip line supplies. Just drop them off on a runday or any Tuesday morning at the back gate. Or send us a email to President of SCLS 

*** We are a small group and we are always looking for some help. Please take some time and check out this website. If you find it interesting, consider volunteering and becoming a new member at SCLS. As with any group, it doesn't always work out for everyone. if you like trains, DYI projects, if you're retired looking for something fun to do you can share with your faimly, need an interesting way to get your commuity service credits for school then SCLS may be the place for you.

You don't have time? Well, maybe just passing along some nice input to the right person about SCLS can help. SCLS is a large facility and we can always use material donations or a commuity service day. New and used items are always welcome if its something that helps with our facilty or to help with one of our community events. We are always trying to add new items or upgrade existing items to keep the train ride interesting.

*** The Scouting Corner ***

Thank you Alex Ostrega, parents and the scouts of Redondo Beach BSA Troop 586 for building the new caboose picnic area. It was a big job that took over 3 days to complete. This was part of Alex's Eagle Scout Community Service Project.

Click HERE to view Alex's project.  


Thank you Kaipo Fitsemanu and the scouts of Torrance Troop 254 for replacing the old tile floor with a new concrete floor in our food prep area, cleaning the picnic area and repainting all of the picnic tables. This was part of Kaipo's Eagle Scout Community Service Project.

Click HERE to view Kaipo's project.  


Thank you to Mark Lemke and the scouts of Troop 586 for donating and installing the sprinkler system and sod in front of our station. It looks great!
This was part of Mark's Eagle Scout Community Service Project.

Click HERE to view Mark's project


 Are you a future Eagle Scout? 

Do you need to complete your
Eagle Scout Service Project?

Please contact us:Treasurer


Thank you to the scouts of BSA Troop 586
for conducting the flag raising ceremony at the start of our July 7th public run.
Click HERE for photo

If your scout troop is interested in supplying a colorguard to participate in our flag raising ceremonies on either the
first Sunday or 3rd Saturday run days,
please contact us for scheduling information.



S.C.L.S. "T-Shirts" check for your size at the station store we now have pink and blue childrens T shirts in stock


Special 25th Anniversary S.C.L.S. Poster 

Give a special donation and receive a special, signed, limited edition high quality poster as a gift. Large 20" x 30" printed on high quality luster finished photographic paper, not a cheap color copy. Numbered and signed by the artist.  

Example of poster is on this web page just scroll down! 



Ask about special "Party Train Rides" at our "TRAIN STATION!", on our public run days!

(Donations are always welcome)


Wilson Park
South East Corner of the park

S.C.L.S., Inc.
P.O. Box 3969

Torrance, CA 90510

HERE for driving directions


Next Club Meeting:


Club meetings are on the 3rd Saturday at 10:30AM prior to public run.  See you there!



Special Announcements :




The Southern California Live Steamers
web site won the
Discover Live Steam / Bitter Creek Western Railroad
2009 Web Excellence Award

DLS/BCWRR Web Excellence Award 2009

Thank you all for your support and contributions to the web site. We could not have done it without all of your photos, articles and help in keeping the site updated. 

**Total Passengers carried:  601,155 **

*Total passengers for 2019   6,838*



From the Archives!

SCLS Visits the
Orange County Model Engineers
Meet 2009

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Riverside Live Steamers Fall Meet 2008
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