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By Tom Downing
Conductor Charlie
By Phillip Cohen
Yellow house siding
By Tom Downing

Welcome to the
Southern California Live
Steamers Miniature Railroad

Southern California Live Steamers Miniature Railroad


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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ivan. Ivan who? Ivan workin’ on the railroad.   Anon  -    

"Ride the Wilson Park Trains"

Spring Meet
By Harold Hueler
By Harold Hueler
Restoring street lamp
By Tom Downing

Next Public Ride Day :


SCLS volunteers give public train rides on the first Sunday of every month 11:00am to 3:00pm and the third Saturday of every month from 12:00pm to 3:00pm 



- Do like trains

-Are you retired and looking for a fun, interesting, and rewarding way keep yourself entertained

- a teenager that would like to learn how to run a miniature train and get some community service credit  

 - are you the DYI type but don't have a place to use your skills

- Do you like gardening but don't have a place

- Would like to have thousands of people view your creativity at work.

- Would you like to be part of a group of city volunteers that gives thousands of families a safe, enjoyable, and unique place to go and spend quality time together.

If so SCLS in Wilson park maybe a place for you.

Many people may think this looks like a expensive hobby or something that takes a degree in engineering but that is not the case.

SCLS has a few different types of memberships available. 

There is no need to buy the expensive equipment. SCLS has equipment available for members to use ones they have been probably trained.

When property trained this equipment is fairly easy to operate and is just a ton of fun. 

-If you are interested SCLS and would like more info you can:

-email the President

-Come out to one of the days we are giving train rides take a train ride, look around, and talk to one of the volunteers. 

You can just stop by on any Tuesday morning and talk with the crew and see if this is something that will work for you. 

For official club business, please contact via email at:

Free train rides:

The 1st Sunday of each month, from
11:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M.


The 3rd Saturday of each month, from
12:00 P.M to 3:00 P.M. 

Birthday and Group trains are available on these two run days. Just check in at the sovereign depot 1 hour before you would like the group ride make a donation and there’s no waiting in line for you group. 

For your convenience we set up a donation box as you enter the queue line. We would gratly appreciate a 1.00 per rider Donation  

*Donations help keep us running and are our sole source of funding as a 501c3 non-profit corporation.  Please donate at our station on our run days. Thank you for your support.

Riders may have noticed we have been working on the flower gardens, If you like this you can help us by donating  plants and Drip line supplies. Just drop them off on a runday or any Tuesday morning at the back gate. Or send us a email to President of SCLS 

*** We are a small group and we are always looking for some help. Please take some time and check out this website. If you find it interesting, consider volunteering and becoming a new member at SCLS. As with any group, it doesn't always work out for everyone. if you like trains, DYI projects, if you're retired looking for something fun to do you can share with your faimly, need an interesting way to get your commuity service credits for school then SCLS may be the place for you.

You don't have time? Well, maybe just passing along some nice input to the right person about SCLS can help. SCLS is a large facility and we can always use material donations or a commuity service day. New and used items are always welcome if its something that helps with our facilty or to help with one of our community events. We are always trying to add new items or upgrade existing items to keep the train ride interesting.

*** The Scouting Corner ***


We are all very grateful to the following Scouts, Their troops, and families for performing their community service projects at SCLS.

*Anthony Masciiotti, Troop 254, Front concrete and landscaping, 10-2015

*Max Lizarde, Troop 713, Safty Video Played in station, 3-2016

*Robert Taylor Troop 586, Club house steps and porch, 6-2016

*Giovanni Masciotti, Troop 252, Front landscaping red pavers, 6-2016

*Nikolas Swensson, Troop 718, Berm wall of railroad ties, 8-2016

*Keith Garner, Troop 851, Refurbish pump jack, 11-2016 *Diego Medina, Troop 388, Paint red car, 5-2017

*Sean Hamilton, Troop 966, Palm tree siding and planter, 8-2017

*Gavin Singh, Troop 718, Double track Crenshaw line 480' 8-2017

* Keanu Mark, Troop 413, Final Crenshaw double track, 3-2018

*Connor Mabey, Troop 254, Red car interior enclosure, 7-2018

* Aidin De Ruyter, Troop 966, Berm wall at track panel area, 4-2018

*Samuel Saruwatari, Troop 413, RR tie planter along side of storage units, 6-2018

*Christopher Valot, Troop 388, Depot brick side patio, 6-2018

*Nate Vincent, Troop 413, Tool shed refuse area pad, 8-2018

*John Nolte, Troop 966, Gazebo assembly, 10-2018

*Evan Zhou, Troop 413, Red car greenery, 1-2019

*Thatcher Howden, Troop 412, Figure 8 tunnel, 4-2019

*Jonathan Valot, Troop 388, Crenshaw turn around platform, 4-2019

*Christopher Madden, Troop 388,  inner

loop burm RR tie wall, 2-2020

*Caleb Li, Troop 413, install grass and irrigation line beside tracks from depot to yard switch, 6-14-2020

*Tyler Thymes, Troop 783, clear ground install new stone and wood chips from station to Yellow Houes along street side of grounds, 7-12-2020 

*Kerisjun Jenning,Troop 413, Clear ground brake out 4' holes though 6" of asphalt and 6" of hard pack dirt. Plant 4 large pine trees and install ground cover at Crenshaw gate

*Samuel Bernard, Troop 413, Landscape improvements, trim 3 large trees, install new plants, wood chips, and drip lines. From tunnel to club house 8-8-20

*Eric Lyons, Toop 413, install 60 feet of new white picket fence and wood chip ground cover between red car and the depot  8-29-20

*Steven Yi, troop 413, install rock retaining wall on one side of the caboose burm, landscape top of burm with weed barrier cloth and wood chips. 10-10-20

 *David Uehara, Troop 413, Install RR tie retaining wall   on right side of figure 8 cut. Landscape behind the wall with weed barrier cloth and wood chips. 10-32-20 

*Connor Parsons, Troop 860, build a pedestrian bridge and a set of railroad tie steps across from station for direct access to infield. 11-14-20

  *Patrick Garrett, Troop 413, hand grade burm next to wood tunnel, install irrigation water drip lines, install three layers of plantings. 12-6-20 

*Brandon Hung, Troop 413, build a raised planter between red car and depot. Install plants and a small tree surround planter with artificial grass. 1-23-21,1-24-21  


*Johath Klerk, Troop860, Install a rock bottom to the false creek by the pump jack, 10-23-21, 10-24-21


 Are you a future Eagle Scout? 

Do you need to complete your
Eagle Scout Service Project?

Please contact: President, or Treasurer


If your scout troop is interested in having a community project at SCLS or helping at one of the SCLS  Special events please send us a email 


S.C.L.S. "T-Shirts" we have all the sizes from infant to XL3 Available in many different colors Just check at the depot 




Ask about special "Party Train Rides" at our "TRAIN STATION!", on our public run days!

(Donations are always welcome)


Wilson Park
South East Corner of the park

S.C.L.S., Inc.
P.O. Box 3969

Torrance, CA 90510

HERE for driving directions


Next Club Meeting:


Club meetings are on the 3rd Saturday at 10:30AM prior to public run.  See you there!



Special Announcements :




The Southern California Live Steamers
web site won the
Discover Live Steam / Bitter Creek Western Railroad
2009 Web Excellence Award

DLS/BCWRR Web Excellence Award 2009

Thank you all for your support and contributions to the web site. We could not have done it without all of your photos, articles and help in keeping the site updated. 

**Total Passengers carried:  601,155 **

*Total passengers for 2019   6,838*



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