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Mobile welding © 2010 - 2024 Steve Claude



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Picture Information:
Picture Title: Mobile welding
Photographer: Steve Claude
Submission Date: 4/28/2010 1:13:37 PM
Comments: Took the Crenshaw turn table home today to fix the broken catch and add and safety stop to the end.
Gallery Category: Projects
Technical Information:    
Shooting Location:
Locomotive Name or Road:
Locomotive or Car Type: Steam Locomotives
Whyte Classification Numeric:      Name:      Layout:     Class: 
Track Gauge: 7.5
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Photo Comments:
Critiqued 4/28/2010 5:10:37 PM by Phil  C, Torrance, CA
How did you lift it and transport it?

  Comment Response Entered: 4/28/2010 5:11:36 PM  By: charlie   giordano - torrance
i wonder who broke it?
  Comment Response Entered: 4/28/2010 5:30:47 PM  By: Steve   C - RPV
I used the tractor to lift it and hauled it in my truck. Just strapped it up good and hung some red flags off it. It's back in the ground now and works great.
  Comment Response Entered: 4/29/2010 7:50:59 AM  By: tom   d - 
hum when I saw the posters name I thought for a moment I was looking at a frame for a big shay ?
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Critiqued 4/28/2010 5:11:19 PM by Phil  C, Torrance, CA
Is that a new welder I see in the background?

  Comment Response Entered: 4/28/2010 5:28:46 PM  By: Steve   C - RPV
No, It's about 2 years old. It's a TIG/Stick machine. I used it so I could get a good weld with lots of penatration so the catch wont break again.
  Comment Response Entered: 4/28/2010 8:58:54 PM  By: howie    - elsegundo
have welder, will travel.
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