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A New Club Member © 2010 - 2021 Phillip Cohen



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Picture Information:
Picture Title: A New Club Member
Photographer: Phillip Cohen
Submission Date: 1/10/2010 2:01:55 PM
Comments: A new club member looks around for some goodies to recycle. Looks like he already found a bottle and some cans!
Gallery Category: People
Technical Information:    
Shooting Location:
Locomotive Name or Road:
Locomotive or Car Type: Steam Locomotives
Whyte Classification Numeric:      Name:      Layout:     Class: 
Track Gauge: 7.5
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Photo Comments:
Critiqued 1/18/2010 7:22:35 AM by Rocky  Raccoon, SOCAL
Hey, did you see what happened to Charlie when I threw the switch on him,ha ha ha and for the rest of you livesteamy types you better get some better food for me or I'm going to put you on the ground too. I'm getting sick of that left over cat food, and now that's getting harder to find! You know who is next on my list! I can be a good Rocky or a bad Rocky it's all up to you as you can see I have a mask and I know how to use it
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Critiqued 1/25/2010 5:25:03 PM by skippy the skunk  , under the bridge
hey rocky, sounds like you and your tail are bent out of shape? do not forget you have not paid your club dues!!

  Comment Response Entered: 1/25/2010 7:43:42 PM  By: Charlie   Giordano - Torrance, CA
can u explain ur logic to me?
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