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More fun with solidworks. © 2010 - 2024 Steve Claude



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Picture Information:
Picture Title: More fun with solidworks.
Photographer: Steve Claude
Submission Date: 1/23/2010 7:55:26 AM
Comments: Things are starting to come along nicely, its starting to look like a working loco. Modeling the boiler is going to be my next challenge.
Gallery Category: Projects
Technical Information:    
Shooting Location:
Locomotive Name or Road:
Locomotive or Car Type: Steam Locomotives
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Track Gauge: 7.5
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Photo Comments:
Critiqued 1/23/2010 9:30:42 AM by Charlie  Gordon, Torrance, CA
i wanna see you draw up all that valve gear and etc on the buisness side! use my HO model for that and if u get a chance ill bring some track down to you and we can run it so you can get a better picture of how physically everything will be moving. They are relly crazy engines but pretty cool and ur gonna be a big dog steve when this thing is done!!!!
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