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Southern California Live Steamers
President's Message

Our to big yearly night runs

10/19/2023 2:16:52 PM
Coming up on Friday the 27 and Saturday the 28 of October is our Halloween night train rides this is a big event and takes some time for our members and volunteers to setup and run. We will start setting up on Tuesday 10-24-23 at around 10:00 am and Thursday 10-26-23 at 12:30 pm if anyone would like to volunteer to help just show up at the side driveway gate and we will get you started. It's always fun to see how all the setting up of displays turns out and is appreciated by the train riders. 
The second event is the Holidays lights nighttime train ride. This will be on Friday 12-22-23 and Saturday 12-23-23. We set up a ton of lights and displays with music. If you would like to volunteer to help out we start setting up on Tuesday 12-19-23 at 10:30am just come to the side driveway gate and someone will let you in and get you started. We will also be there in the afternoon and evening on Thursday the 20th. This is also a lot of fun and a great way to spend the holiday cheer. 
We are always looking to add members to the group we are easy going low key group of people that love running and building train stuff. Theres always the misconception that a person has to have a lot of money and be machinist- engineer to be part of this hobby. That is not the case at all in fact most of our members are neither. Our members range in age from 16 to there late 80s. With being a member of the club you get to use the facilities and the club owned equipment so there's a limited financial need. Not all members are part of giving train rides at the club. Some just injoy trains, maybe have a train building project there working on, or just likes being part of a group of volunteer's that has miniature trains. A non-active supporting membership is also another option with our group. 
We have had a lot of people that have joined the club in the past a for many different reasons have left. That's just part of any organization and should not stop a person or family from coming out and seeing if it's something they would really injoy as past of there past time. I feel being a member of SCLS and the live steam hobby has been very rewarding and enjoyable to me and my family for many years now. 
If you have some time come on out for a train ride it's fun if you are interested in more just come by on a run day or a Tuesday work day.  You can always just send a email to the President and I will help with any club inquiries you have. 
Hopefully I will see you out on the rails Tom Downing 



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