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I am a former electronics engineer having worked in satellite launch operations for Hughes Aircraft Co. I travelled world wide for 20 years building satellite tracking stations and launching communications satellites. Now i am a full time web monkey and part time photographer and no more travel! ;=]

Have been into model railroading since I was a child back in the early 60s. We had a large Lionel Super O gauge and Standard gauge setup in the basement when we lived in New Jersey. Unfortunately when we moved to California in 1964 we had to sell the trains as there were no basements in California.

The train bug never left and when I discovered the Southern California Live Steamers just around the corner from where I work, the bug bit me again.

I currently have a 3.75" scale Roll Models Prairie 2-6-2 oil fired steam locomotive under construction. Hopefully it will be finished before I am. :)

A Proclamation

Miss California and Tom


Cutting The Ribbon

Installing the Tunnel - SCLS Historical Video

Work Day Dec 7, 1991 SCLS Historical Video

Ding Dong Under the Gate! - SCLS Historical Video

August 1991 Work Day - SCLS Historical Video

July 4th 1991 Run Day - SCLS Historical Video

Work Done, Time to Play 1990 - SCLS Historical Video

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