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No.18 in Independece
by Charlie Giordano

No.9 at Laws NG RR museum.
by Charlie Giordano

Charlie in the cab of No. 1
by Charlie Giordano

Denver & Rio GRande Western 315
by Charlie Giordano

K-28 at Durango.
by Charlie Giordano

Red Car in Pedro
by Charlie Giordano

What a C class engine California.
by Charlie Giordano

by Charlie Giordano

Charlie in front of 3751.
by Charlie Giordano

Charlie Ally and Becky stand in front of the masive drivers of 3751.
by Charlie Giordano

Todd in front of roaring camp shay.
by Charlie Giordano

Linda and Heather
by Rudy Guajardo

Caboose C1
by Rudy Guajardo

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