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SCLS Live Steam Railroading Glossary

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Beginning With: "J"
JACK Locomotive. (A term often confused with the lifting device, hence seldom used)
JACKPOT Miscellaneous assortment of mail and parcels piled in the aisle of a baggage car and requiring removal before the mail in the stalls can be "worked"
JAILHOUSE SPUDS Waffled potatoes
JAM BUSTER Assistant yardmaster
JAM NUTS Doughnuts
JANNEY To couple; derived from the Janney automatic coupler
JAWBONE SHACK Switch shanty
JAY ROD Clinker hook
JERK A DRINK Take water from track pan without stopping train. From this came the word jerkwater, which usually means a locality serving only to supply water to the engines of passing trains; a Place other than a regular stop, hence of minor importance as jerkwater town, jerkwater college, etc.
JERK SOUP Same as jerk a drink
JERK-BY See flying switch
JERRY Section worker; sometimes applied to other laborers
JEWEL Journal brass
JIGGER Full tonnage of "dead" freight
JIMMIES Four-wheel coal or ore cars
JITNEY Four-wheel electric truck that carries baggage around inside a terminal. Also unregulated private automobile that carried passengers on public highways for 5-cent fare in direct competition with trolley cars
JOHNSON BAR Reverse lever on a locomotive. (See drop 'er down)
JOIN THE BIRDS Jump from moving engine or car, usually when a wreck is imminent
JOINT A length of rail, generally 33 or 39 feet. Riding to a joint is bringing cars together so that they couple
JOKER In dependent or locomotive brake, part of E-T (engine-train) equipment
JUGGLER Member of way-freight crew who loads and unloads LCL freight at station stops
JUGGLING THE CIRCLE Missing a train-order hoop
JUICE Electricity. Juice fan is one who makes a hobby out of electric railways (juice lines)
JUNK PILE Old worn-out locomotive that is still in service.
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