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SCLS Live Steam Railroading Glossary

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Beginning With: "M"
MADHOUSE Engine foreman; scene of unusual activity or confusion MAIN IRON-Main track. Also called main stem MAIN PIN-An official MAKE A JOINT-Couple cars MANIFEST-Same as hotshot MARKERS-Signals on rear of train, flags by day and lamps by night MASTER MANIAC-Master mechanic, often abbreviated M.M. Oil is called master mechanic's blood
MASTER MIND An official
MATCHING DIALS Comparing time
MAUL Work an 'engine with full stroke and full throttle
MEAT RUN Fast run of perishable freight, hotshot
MEET ORDER Train order specifying a definite location where two or more trains will meet on a single track, one on a siding, the others on the high iron
MIDDLE MAN, MIDDLE SWING Second brakeman on freight train
MIKE Mikado-type engine (2-8-2), so named because first of this type were built for Imperial Railways of Japan. (Because of the war with Japan, some railroads rechristened this type MacArthur)
MILEAGE HOG Engineer or conductor, paid on mileage basis, who uses his seniority to the limit in getting good runs, which younger men resent
MILK TRUCK Large hand truck with high cast-iron wheels used to transfer milk cans around in a terminal
MILL Steam locomotive, or typewriter
MIXED LOAD Truckload of mail sacks and parcels for many destinations sent from storage car to the yard (an outside platform) for further separation before forwarding
MONKEY When a crew has been on duty sixteen hours and is caught out on the road, the monkey gets them and they are required by ICC rules to tie -up until a new crew comes. (See dogcatchers)
MONKEY MONEY The pass of a passenger who is riding free
MONKEY MOTION Walschaert or Baker valve gear on locomotive. Monkey house is caboose. Monkey suit is passenger trainman's uniform or any other smart-looking uniform. Monkey tail is back-up hose
MOONLIGHT MECHANIC Night roundhouse foreman
MOPPING OFF Refers to escaping steam
MOTOR Electric locomotive
MOVING DIRT Fireman shoveling coal into firebox
MOVING SPIRIT Train dispatcher, more often called DS
MTYS Empty cars
MUCKERS Excavators in construction work
MUD CHICKENS Surveyor. Mudhop is yard clerk, mudshop his office
MUD SUCKER A nonlifting injector
MUDHEN A saturated locomotive, one that is not superheated
MULE SKINNER Driver of mule cart
MUTT AND JEFF PUMP Denver & Rio Grande locomotive with big air pump on right and small one on left
MUZZLE LOADER Hand-fired locomotive
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