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SCLS Live Steam Railroading Glossary

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Beginning With: "I"
IDLER An unloaded flatcar placed before or after a car from which oversize machinery, pipe, or other material projects
IN A trainman who is at the home terminal and off duty is in
IN THE CLEAR A train is in the clear when it has passed over a switch and frog so far that another train can pass without damage
IN THE COLOR Train standing in the signal block waiting for a clear board
IN THE DITCH Wrecked or derailed
IN THE HOLE On a siding. (See hole.) Also in the lower berth of a Pullman, as contrasted with on the tot, in the upper berth
IND ICATORS Illuminated signs on the engine and caboose that display the number of the train
INDIAN VALLEY LINE An imaginary railroad "at the end of the rainbow," on which you could always find a good job and ideal working conditions. (Does not refer to the former twenty-one-mile railroad of that name between Paxton and Engels, Calif.) Boomers resigning or being fired would say they were going to the Indian Valley. The term is sometimes used to mean death or the railroader's Heaven. (See Big Rock Candy Mountains)
IRON HORSE Academic slang for locomotive
IRON or RAIL Track. Single iron means single track
IRON SKULL Boilermaker. (Jim Jeffries, one-time champion prize fighter, worked as an iron skull for years)
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