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SCLS Live Steam Railroading Glossary

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Beginning With: "O"
O.R.C. Conductor. (See big O)
OILCAN Tank car
OLD GIRL Affectionate term for steam engine
OLD HAND Experienced railroader. Also called old head
OLD HEAD Lots of Seniority
OLD MAN Superintendent or general manager
OLE HOSS Salvage warehouse, or freight on hand
ON THE ADVERTISED According to schedule; right on time. Often called on the card (timecard) and sometimes on the cat hop
ON THE CARPET Commoner version of dancing on the carpet
ON THE GROUND On the ties, as a derailed train
ON THE SPOT See spot
OP Telegraph operator
OPEN THE GATE Switch a train onto or off a siding. Close the gate means to close the switch after the train has passed it
OPEN-AIR NAVIGATOR Hobo riding freight on top
OS On (train) sheet; to report a train by to dispatcher
OUT When a trainman is at a point other than his home terminal, either on or off duty, he is out
OUTLAWED See dogcatchers
OVER THE KNOLL Getting up the hill
OVERLAP Where two block signals control the same stretch of track OWL-Streetcar or train that runs late at night; almost anything having to do with night
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