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SCLS Live Steam Railroading Glossary

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Beginning With: "F"
FAMILY DISTURBER Pay car or pay train
FAN Blower on a locomotive boiler
FIELD Classification yard
FIELDER or FIELD MAN Yard brakeman
FIRE BOY Locomotive fireman
FIRST READER Conductor's train book
FISH WAGON Gas-electric car or other motorcar equipped with an air horn (which sounds like a fishmonger's horn)
FISHTAIL Semaphore blade, so called from its peculiar shape
FIST Telegraph operator's handwriting. This script, in the days before telephones, typewriters, and teletypes, was characterized by its swiftness, its bold flowing curves which connected one word with another, and its legibility. Ops were proud of their penmanship
FIXED MAN Switchman in a hump yard assigned to one certain post from which he rides cars being humped
FIXED SIGNAL Derisive term for a student brakeman standing on a boxcar with his lamp out and a cinder in his eye
FLAG Assumed name. Many a boomer worked under a flag when his own name was black-listed
FLAT Flatcar. Also called car with the top blowed off
FLAT WHEEL Car wheel that has flat spots on the tread. Also applied to an employee who limps
FLIMSY Train order. (Standard practice is to issue these on tissue paper to facilitate the making of carbon copies)
FLIP To board a moving train. The word accurately suggests the motion used
FLOATER Same as boomer
FLY LIGHT Miss a meal. Boomers often did that; hoboes still do
FLYING SWITCH Switching technique in which the engine pulls away from a car or cars she has started rolling, permitting them to be switched onto a track other than that taken by the engine. The switch is thrown instantly after the engine has passed it and just before the cars reach it. This procedure, common in bygone days, is now frowned upon by officials
FOG Steam
FOOTBOARD The step on the rear and front ends of switch or freight engines. Many casualties were caused in the "good old days" by switchmen missing these steps on dark slippery nights
FOOTBOARD YARD MASTER Conductor who acts as yardmaster in a small yard
FOREIGN CAR Car running over any railroad other than one that owns it
FOUNTAIN That part of a locomotive where steam issues from the boiler and flows into pipes for lubrication, injection, etc.
FREEZE A HOB or A BLAZER Cool a heated journal
FREEZER Refrigerator car. Also reefer or riff
FROG Implement for rerailing cars or engines. Also an X-shaped plate where two tracks cross
FUSEE Red flare used for flagging purposes. Its sharp point is driven into the right-of-way and no following train may pass as long as it is burning, although on some roads it is permissible to stop, extinguish the fusee, and proceed with caution in automatic block-signal limits
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