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SCLS Live Steam Railroading Glossary

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Beginning With: "L"
LADDER Main track of yard from which individual tracks lead off. Also called a lead. (See yard)
LAPLANDER Passenger jostled into someone else's lap in crowded car
LAY OVER Time spent waiting for connection with other train
LAY-BY Passing track, sidetrack. Layed out is delayed
LCL Less than carload lots of freight
LETTERS Service letters given to men who resign or are discharged. Applicants for railroad jobs are usually asked to present letters proving previous employment. In the old days, when these were too unfavorable, many boomers used faked letters or would work under a flag on somebody else's certificates
LEVER JERKER Interlocker lever man
LIBRARY Cupola of caboose. Trainman occupying it was sometimes known as a librarian
LIGHT ENGINE An engine moving outside the yard without cars attached
LIGHTNING SLINGER Telegraph operator
LINER Passenger train
LINK AND PIN Old-time type of coupler; used to denote oldfashioned methods of railroading
LIZARD SCORCHER Dining-car chef
LOADS Loaded freight cars
LOCAL LOAD A truckload of mail in sacks and parcels sent from the storage car direct to a car on a local train, containing mail for towns along the route of the train
LUNAR WHITE The color of white used on all switches except on main line
LUNCH HOOKS Your two hands
LUNG Drawbar or air hose
LUNG DOCTOR Locomotive engineer who pulls out drawbars. Also lung specialist
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